Lake View Athletics

Guiding the youth of Today

Playing sports, interacting with others, and being part of a team enables people to develop critical life skills.


Sports Teaches Team Work

Even if you are naturally someone who is happy with your own company or more introverted, there are times when you will need to collaborate


Sports Teaches Tenacity

The ability to fail and learn from the setback and move forward is a vital life skill. Learning that failure is not the end, but part of the learning experience has far-reaching implications, affecting our self-esteem, our resilience, and our mental agility


Sports teaches discipline

Motivation is finite but our capacity for motivation can be bolstered. If from a young age we are taught the benefits of “type 2 fun” and hone the ability to work towards a greater reward, evidence show s that people are less likely to suffer from depression and experience greater life satisfaction.

Our Philosophy

Lake View Athletics was established in 1975. The organization has grown and evolved, but we have never lost sight of the most important elements. The opportunity for children to develop, have fun, and learn. The board members and coaches in our league have years of experience molding the youth of tomorrow. We stay true to the fundamentals of a House program. It does not matter if you are an all star player or a first timer. Everyone is welcome and everyone has the opportunity to learn, grow, and flourish. The purpose of youth sports should be as much about learning sustainable life lessons as it is about winning games. Our goal in youth sports is not to produce college or professional athletes, but to nurture kids in the way of personal character, skill development, and physical fitness.

Teaching Skills
Fundimentals of the Game

Coach Training

The experience of our coaches has a direct impact on the quality of the game, their ability to coach, and the level of kindness shown to our players. Many of our coaches return each year. New coaches receive coaching clinics, on-line classes, and are part of a mentor program.


Rating Combine

About ten years ago we implemented a Rating Combine where every player in our competitive divisions comes through a one hour evaluation process. That hour doesn't tell us everything, but it does help guide us in creating more diverse teams.


Diversified Talent

We strive to ensure there is no team with all the good players. Talent is distributed equally amount all the teams in the division. Some travel players play on our house teams, they are supported and encouraged by their coaches to set an example, to support all the players on their team, and share their skills and abilities with their entire team.

Lake View Athletics expects a high level of morals and thics from it players, coaches, Board members, parents, and spectators